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Selling or buying that perfect home can be an exhausting and daunting process.

With 17 years of experience and success in the Florida markets, we’ll remove all the headaches. Connect with an agent who understands your needs today. Give us a call to get started!

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Julie McElyea?

Throughout her career in real estate, Julie has represented investors, builders, and developers, as well as multiple state and national banks. Armed with a diverse array of skills and experiences across multiple disciplines and markets, Julie has the ability to navigate any transaction on behalf of her clients.

Perhaps most impressive, is Julie’s reputation among her professional peers. Selected to host the nationally broadcast “American Dream TV,” Ms. McElyea is recognized among industry specialists as a veritable expert in Chicago real estate. Her compassion for clients, dedication to the community, and unmatched area knowledge make her a true master of her craft.

She is currently licensed in three states, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida, and can be reached at her two offices, located in Chicagoland, Illinois, and Southwest Florida. A proud member of her community, Julie is closely involved with property management and vacation/beach properties. She loves being a realtor in Bonita Springs, FL, and is constantly working with buyers, sellers, investors, builders, relocations, and land development experts alike.

You Deserve The Perfect Home

Combining unique regional insights and local market prowess, Julie McElyea always puts her clients first. She understands the struggle. Buying a home comes with its own unique set of challenges. There are so many factors, so many things to consider. Sometimes, buying or selling a home feels like its own full-time job.

The Bonita Springs real estate market is running hot, with home prices rising 21.9% year over year in 2022, highlighting the importance of having an attentive and purpose-driven Bonita Springs realtor at your flanks as you design your next move.

We’ll provide you state-of-the-art technologies, like mobile apps, market trackers, interactive map searching, and more. With a deep understanding of local communities and real estate properties, you’ll be fully supported as we walk you through the home buying or selling process, every step of the way.

Join Your New Community

Buying a new home can be the biggest investment of your life. That’s why we provide personal, expert service to guide you throughout the process. Feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared? Let us take care of everything for you!

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Simplifying Home Sales

Buying or selling a home in Florida doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out, energy-draining process. Many times, buyers and sellers find themselves completely clueless about how to navigate their local market. Even if you have a good idea of what you want and need, actually getting it at a good price can be difficult. Fortunately, our realtors in Bonita Springs, FL, have extensive experience in the local communities, and have helped countless clients negotiate and close on dream deals.

Not only do we provide personalized assistance at every turn, we also remain deeply involved in daily Florida living. Partnered with local organizations, we’re especially keen on helping those affected by natural disasters. Our hurricane relief efforts have touched many lives affected by job and home loss.

When not engaging our local Florida communities as neighbors and friends, we specialize in simplified realty. We take the ‘ifs and buts’ out of home transactions. With access to premier listings, worldwide networks, and leading marketing strategies, we make every real estate experience as smooth as possible.

Feel free to give us a call, reach out online, or list your property with us. We’re here every step of the way. Consult us today.

Personalized Service

Buying a home is a unique experience for every family. Through focused consultations, we are committed to pursue your every need, desire, preference, and goal!

Community Relations

Successful home transactions are built on sound relationships. Our unique connections and networks can make the entire process smooth and painless.

You Deserve An Enjoyable Experience

With over 17 years of market-specific expertise and experience, we’ve seen all Florida has to offer. From sunbathed beachfront properties to lakeside bungalows, cute little flats, gated estates, and everything else, no property is outside our purview.

Are you trying to sell your house in a hurry? Need to make a quick move due to career change, financial situation, or some other life circumstance? Are you in the hunt for a gorgeous new home, shaded by swaying palm trees and complete with a large pool and lanai?


The RE / MAX Suncoast Process

You have enough to worry about, which is why we make connecting with us as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Book a Call

    Give us a ring at your convenience to talk about your unique circumstances.

  • Have a Talk

    Once we’re on the phone, we’ll discuss everything we need to move forward. Put your worries to ease and let us get to know you. Your goals and desires are our priority.

  • Find & Close!

    We’ll guide you through the journey step by step, ensuring that when we close the deal, it’s everything you wanted.

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A Signature Lifestyle Approach

Our client-centered focus means that we don’t go looking for easy deals or maximum commissions. Every home buyer and seller we assist is different. Whether your time frame is long or short, no matter your preferences and priorities, we tailor our services to your situation.

Real estate is about lifestyle. If you’re purchasing a home, you don’t just want a property or piece of land. You want a place to create memories. To raise a family. To have parties, to relax, to celebrate the milestones in life. A place where you can rest your head easily at night. A location you love coming home to after work!

If you’re selling a house, you want results. You want a great offer on the house you’ve called home for all these years. You want to start your new life right, knowing you made the best deal possible. You don’t wait to wait, stressed and unsure, wondering if you’ll ever make the sale, wondering if the sale you do finally make is a bad one.

We get it. This is why we go to extraordinary lengths to exceed every client’s expectations. We guarantee 100% satisfaction before any commissions are taken. We truly want you to love your new life.

Start Your New Life Today

Are you ready to put your worries and stressors behind and take the first step toward your new life? Our real estate agents in Bonita Springs are here when you need us most.

An Agent You Can Trust

From real estate law to property management and development, Julie McElyea has seen almost everything there is to see in the industry. Trusted by clients new and old, she continues to reinvent modern real estate marketing. 

Using the latest modern apps and ‘tools of the trade,’ Julie helps her clients stay a step ahead of the competition. The result? A home buying and selling process that is streamlined, optimized, and drives the outcomes you want!

This success has not gone unnoticed.

Julie has been featured in:

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